For young women ages 11-16

Taught by Laureen Violante, CYT

Founder and Co-owner of YogaTales

Own your power, your incredible feminine power, by embracing the Goddess within!  Yes, we all have Goddess energy.  Modern culture has bombarded you with unrealistic images convincing you that you don’t have power or worth unless you look a certain way, act a certain way, own the right clothes.  The media tells you what you want but how do these messages make you feel?

Not good enough?  Not pretty enough?

How do you want to feel?

“When I took the yoga class with Laureen, I felt none of us were being judged, that there was unity.  It made me feel so good about myself.  I really liked the story about the Goddess ‘remembering’ who she was.  It reminded me that every girl is beautiful.”

Ashton L., 14

“The only time I wasn’t worried about being successful was during the yoga class. I worry about my grades all the time. I felt relaxed, calm and peaceful.  We were taught breathing techniques that I used during volleyball games to help me stay focused and calm.  I want to take more yoga classes!”

Brittany I., 15

à Discover the Goddess energy that makes you unique

à Learn breathing techniques to calm yourself

à Practice poses that help you to replenish

à Practice warrior poses for when you need personal power

à Practices to make your moon (menstrual) cycle easier

You own your own power!! All that you need is inside of you! 

Six week summer session begins July 2-August 6

Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 PM Universalist Church 10 Higby Road Utica, NY 13502


Pre-registration preferred

Download form and bring to Class

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Early Bird registration $65 by June 15 EXTENDED to June 28th - $75 After

For more information, contact Laureen